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You've followed Martha on Twitter, attended live seminars, and heard Martha as a guest speaker on other radio shows.  Now listen to Martha every Monday morning at 9am as Martha sets the tone for stock trading for the week.

Get Martha unique viewpoint on what is really driving the market action, which market participants are controlling price and how to trade the market.  Martha's discussion are a refreshing change from the standard stock market news you hear everywhere.  

Martha uncanny ability to expose what is really going on in the minds of the institutions and professional traders will help you see the markets in a whole new perspective.  Instead of the ordinary rhetoric, Martha's frank discussions will not only surprise you but will make you start thinking about the stock market in a completely different way.

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Stock Market DownTrends and Sell-Offs what you need to know.

In this radio show Martha Stokes CMT discusses why the market sells down, how to know whether the downtrend is going to continue, or if the selling is short term. She explains the different types of downtrends and how you should react to big... more

by Martha Stokes CMT Live Radio

One of the areas of stock or mutual fund investing that worries most investors and traders is how to protect their capital and their new profits. Many investors and traders are concerned that the stock market will suddenly collapse and they will... more

by Martha Stokes CMT Live Radio

Predictions for the Stock Market in 2014 are they worthwhile or a waste of time? Every year around this time gurus start predicting and forecasting what is going to happen for the entire year. Most of the time, they are wrong. Martha Stokes CMT... more

by Martha Stokes CMT Live Radio

In this radio show Martha Stokes, CMT demystifies the stock market trading called "Selling Short" or "Short Selling." This confusing term is often misunderstood. Is Selling Short bad for the stock market? Why is it allowed? How long has Selling... more

by Martha Stokes CMT Live Radio

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