• Special Reports from Martha Stokes, CMT

Martha Stokes, CMT is a well known popular educator and lecturer on all aspects of Technical, Risk, and Fundamental Analysis. 

Martha Stokes, CMT writes a variety of Reports covering topics as diverse as Market Structure to Newly Emerging Technologies. These reports provide in-depth information regarding the topic to assist students in their trading. 

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  • The Annual Industry and Sector Report:

The Annual Industry and Sector Report comes out in late November for the coming year. This report covers all 31 major industries of the US and all of the Sectors under each Industry... 

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  • The Annual Market Structure Report:

The Annual Market Structure Report is available after January of each year. This report details every aspect of the complex Market Structure for the financial markets. It includes updates ...

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  • The Cloud Industry Report: 

The Cloud Industry Report is updated every January and June to help keep students abreast of the continuing changes, that are occurring in the fastest growth new technology...

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  • New Technology Reports:

New Technology Reports are written any time a new technology is coming to market rapidly with displacement and disruptive technologies that will change industry and business ...

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  • Specialty Reports: 

Specialty Reports are written during market crisis such as the banking debacle to help Students understand what is going on and how best to protect their investments from the crisis and what to expect after the crisis concludes. 

The Financial Markets Banking Debacle Report helped many traders and investors understand why credit default swaps took down the US economy.

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Martha Stokes, CMT provides this study each year to help investors AND traders prepare for the coming year.

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