"Thanks to you and Howard for an excellent training session this morning. I wasn't particularly looking forward to three hours of sitting at the computer this morning, but it all passed so quickly and was very enjoyable. It's always nice to hear your take on things and what's really going on from your perspective. I like your positive approach to things, especially when we are bombarded with so much negativity from the journalists and financial gurus. Your expanded information on Nanotechnology was quite interesting to me. I'm looking forward to a copy of the presentation so I can start doing my homework and also get better organized with paperwork procedures suggested by Howard. It is a joy being a Technitrader student!"

 - Virginia P.

I appreciate your effort. I have gained a lot of faith in TechniTrader and I can see that Martha is one very smart and pragmatic woman. I really appreciate that she has made her knowledge available to people like myself. She has definitely gained my respect and has become my market educational guru.

- Daniel


Let me express my sincere thanks to you and your staff for the excellent retreat. The hard work and attention to detail which went into the presentation was obvious and I am certainly glad that I was able to attend.

- Warren M.